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I know why you’re here. You have a content-rich conference lineup in need of comic relief. Or, you have a great group of hard working associates ready for an intervention of laughter. You want to entertain the heck out of them and at the same time, gently slide some solid learning through that right-brain doorway.

Or, perhaps you have an event which needs just one more magical touch to put it into the stratosphere: a Musical Emcee who ties together pieces of the conference, interjects light moments throughout, and keeps the energy in the room lively and buoyant.

Or, maybe you have a Concert Series audience, and you want them to feel so jazzed over a performance that they'll be quoting it for days afterward!

This is the secret of my Comedy Keynote Concerts, developed and perfected over 20 years: they capture audiences hearts with hilarious songs and compelling stories, then fill them with empowering ideas and insights that provide warmth and inspiration. They offer a pervasive mixture of fun and excitement, that sneaking feeling that any minute you’re about to learn something which could change your day...or your life.

By program’s end, I promise that every single person has had a soul-cleansing laugh. And their personal tool kit has been enriched with practical concepts for navigating this ever-changing world of relationships, commerce, communication, and the stresses they bring.

Please take a moment to fill out the brief Booking Query form, or better yet - call me directly! Share with me your goals for the event, and let me share with you how we can create a contagiously enjoyable experience that will be the “home run” you've been looking for.

All good wishes,
Greg Tamblyn
Motivational Humorist,
Speaker, Songwriter, Singer, Author, Emcee

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Office: 816-756-0069
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