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OpEdNews - Article: Greg Tamblyn: Saving the World From Whiny Victim Love Songs

For OpEdNews: Meryl Ann Butler - Writer

December 7, 2009

Greg Tamblyn's concert, Saving the World From Whiny Victim Love Songs, was a hilarious evening of humor, elegantly poetic lyrics, great music, and captivating stories.

A friend and I attended the concert at The Heritage Center in Virginia Beach, VA, on Nov. 21. The audience loved his irreverent sense of humor, especially the preview of his title song from his live comedy CD, Analog Brain In A Digital World,

Tamblyn also performed favorites from previous albums including The Top Ten Whiny Victim Love Songs, and I'd Like to Be the Man My Dog Thinks I Am. His humorous look at relationships, Common Side Effects Include, recently won the Humor category top honors in the Just Plain Folks Music Awards. Over 140,000 songs were submitted.

Upcoming performances are scheduled in St. Louis, New Orleans, Mobile, Alabama, and a half dozen venues in Florida in early 2010.

Author Sam Keen said, "It (Analog Brain In A Digital World) honest to god made me laugh out loud while driving on the freeway at dangerous speeds. Your songs are hazardous to pomp, ceremony and all manner of jargon and psychocrap. I love "em."

Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup book fame says, "I love the messages you're spreading through your music. I'm sure you are Chicken Soup for a lot of Souls out there in the world!"

Greg notes, "The letters after my name are N.C.W. (No Credentials Whatsoever) I like to joke that my primary learning came from the school of life, and I almost flunked out. Twice.

If you've had a few pit stops at the AFGO Station (Another Friendly Growth Opportunity), you probably realize a sense of humor is vital. You need to feel comically as well as cosmically connected."

Greg delivered one of the primary keynotes at the 2007 Humor Project International Conference, which in past years featured Goldie Hawn, Steve Allen, Bob Newhart, and other famous funny persons. Along with seven CDs, Greg has released his first book of stories from the road: Atilla The Gate Agent: Travel Tales and Life Lessons From a Musical Laf-ologist. After reading it, Dr. Larry Dossey was inspired to call Greg "...a contemporary Mark Twain..."

Stories from Tamblyn's life and songwriting have been featured in several recent books, including "Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backwards", by Brian Luke Seaward; "Shelter For The Spirit", by Victoria Moran; and "Art and Soul", by Pam Grout.

Tamblyn says he is vibrating at the frequency of fun, and I have to agree. We left the concert on a cloud of endorphins. So if you want to dive head first into a spinning vortex of hilarity, hearing Tamblyn is a surefire way to do it.

Tamblynís music can be heard, and ordered, online at

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