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Seven easy ways to get the most out of your speaker budget:

1. Ask your keynote speaker to do a breakout session for no extra charge.

2. Can your speaker serve as a humorous, entertaining emcee? Ask him or her to emcee and keynote at the same event.

3. Do you have a series of events? Your speaker might do multiple keynotes for a "package" fee.

4. Ask your speaker if books or CDs can be included for the audience. Find out if these can be customized with your company or event on the cover.

5. Ask your speaker to provide brief, entertaining pre-program emails to build anticipation and increase attendance by giving glimpses of the presentation. (These can be sent from you at a time of your choosing.)

6. Ask your speaker for a series of follow-up emails for attendees to bring home the message and make it stick. (Also sent from you at a time of your choosing, if you prefer.)

7. Ask your speaker to write an article for the company newsletter, either before or after the event, or both.

I hope these ideas stimulate some creative thinking, save you some money, and help you continue to motivate and inspire your people.
I'd be happy to discuss any of them with you at your convenience.
Let me know how I can be of service.

Greg Tamblyn
Motivational Humorist ~ Comedy Keynote Concerts

© 2008 Greg Tamblyn

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