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Atilla the Gate Agent book

Atilla the Gate Agent
Greg Tamblyn Book
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Travel Tales and Life Lessons from a Musical Laf-ologist

Atilla The Gate Agent is a clever, inspiring collection of stories and insights gleaned from Greg's travels while "saving the world from whiny, victim love songs."

Discover Bog Snorkelling in Ireland, and quirky, inspirational characters like Patch Adams. Chuckle over thousands of birds inside a Mexican bus station, and floating a player piano down a river in Alaska.

Learn how one woman healed herself from Lou Gehrig's Disease, and the real reasons everyone should visit Kansas (at least once, anyway). Enjoy Greg's life lessons from the sewers of Paris, and the touching-yet-amusing way his family donated his father's ashes to the local golf course.

Keep this entertaining book available for coffee breaks, airplane trips, or bedtime. Any time you need a creativity / brainwave realignment. Greg's stories will take you to places in a way you've never traveled before: via "his sideways overview!"

What people are saying:

"In Atilla The Gate Agent, Greg Tamblyn strips away the seriousness of life and exposes the humorous side we often miss. Tamblyn is a contemporary Mark Twain, who once remarked, 'I have known a great many troubles in my life, most of which never happened.' Buy ten copies of Atilla The Gate Agent - one for you and nine for your friends. You'll make the world a better place."
     ~ Larry Dossey, MD, author: The Extraordinary Healing Power Of Ordinary Things

"It's about time Greg Tamblyn wrote a book. His song lyrics have been inspiring us for so long now. He sneakily delivers the insight and wisdom of the best self-help books, but is way funnier!"
     ~ Pam Grout, author: Art and Soul, Living Big, and God Doesn't Have Bad Hair Days

"Greg Tamblyn's songs have always made my soul feel warm and comfy. Now he has a book to do the same thing. I love how he combines travel in the world with travel of a spiritual sort, and I'm grateful he let me come along."
     ~ Victoria Moran, author: Creating a Charmed Life

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1.     Read This First
2.     Exotic Kansas
3.     They Say It Never Rains In Southern Zihuatanejo
4.     Life And Change In One Man's China
5.     Atilla The Gate Agent
6.     Only In Alaska: The Tractor, The Piano, And The River
7.     Bog Snorkelling In Ireland
8.     Girl On A Plane
9.     Chairman Mao's Lighter
10.   Monkey Business
11.   The Full Monty At The Airport
12.   Chop Suey, Y'all
13.   Rock Star Waxes Poetic
14.   Stand Like Mountain, Move Like water

15.   Ou'est la Salle de Bain? (Where Is The Bathroom?)
16.   The Sewers Of Paris
17.   My Inner Wimp Meets The Inca Trail
18.   The Dangers Of Networking
19.   Out Front In The Outback


20.   Saving The World From Whiny Victim Love Songs

21.   Six Months To Live: The Story Of Evy McDonald
22.   Patch Adams: Clown To The World
23.   Dad Finally Gets An Ace    

Chapter 1.

"If there's anything more important than my ego around,
I want it caught and shot now."
—Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    I once had an engagement in the town of Normal, Illinois. I was delighted to learn that a place called Normal actually existed, because I happen to live just a few miles from the town of Peculiar, Missouri. I don't think it's any accident of the universe that I'm a lot closer to Peculiar than Normal.
    A few years ago, I started writing short newsletters to keep in contact with people who had come to my concerts and were either brave or foolish enough to give me their addresses. I had no idea then how much I was going to enjoy this little chore. Eventually, enough people suggested they would make a good book that I decided to humor them. So here it is.
    These stories are mostly about people and events I've bumped into in the course of getting away with writing songs, making music, and having fun with people for a living. I don't think there's any particular theme, but if you find one, let me know and I'll give you credit.
    There is some learning here, however. Definitely for me, and hopefully even for you. I've been blessed to meet some interesting people and see some fascinating places. Frequently these have been "growth opportunities," and sometimes even springboards for songs, as the occasional included lyrics will attest. My sincere desire is that you'll be entertained, and maybe even think and feel a little differently in the process.

Happy travels,

Greg Tamblyn
Kansas City
September 2006
Buy Greg's Book and Get
     Two Free Song Downloads!
1 Book  $9.95 +
$3 shipping
2 Books $18.95 +
$4 shipping
3 Books $26.95 +
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