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A/V Requirements

Sound quality is the most important factor for a good live musical performance! Typical hotel ballroom sound systems with speakers mounted in the ceiling are rarely adequate for live music. A good quality free-standing PA system is almost always necessary for a good result. Greg will be happy to speak with the AV department directly if you wish.

Sound System:
A free-standing PA system consisting of:

  • a powered mixer with at least three channels: one each for vocals, guitar, and computer, with EQ controls on each channel.
  • a cable from Greg's computer headphone jack to the sound board.
  • a good quality vocal microphone (e.g. Shure SM 58 or 57).
  • a boom or gooseneck mic stand.
  • two or more (depending on size of room) speakers on stands.
  • all apropriate cables, including an extra XLR cable or direct box for guitar.
  • a new 9-volt battery for backup.

On Stage:

  • A small table for computer, water, small props.
  • one music stand, height adjustable.
  • guitar stand if available.
  • tall stool without arms, if available.
  • Solid black or neutral background preferred.

The Stage:

  • Minimum 8 x 10 feet. If you're using risers in sections, please make sure they don't squeak or otherwise make noise! Sometimes a nice rug can help.
  • As close to the audience as possible.
  • If you're using a moveable stage, please place it at the part of the room farthest removed from entrances, exits, possible distractions.
  • If you have a choice of rooms, please choose the smallest room which will comfortably accomodate the audience. This makes for much better audience energy, focus, and attention.
  • If you have a choice, theater seating is always more effective than banquet seating.


  • Greg likes to be able to see the audience and connect with them. Ideal lighting is with Greg well lit from both sides (but not blinded!) and the audience at about 60%.


Download PDF of AV Requirements

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